Travel 7v7

We are the premier Travel 7v7 Football organization in North Carolina that features some of the top talent the state has to offer. Our teams practice and compete in tournaments throughout the off-season.

Our goal is to help improve the brand of football in the state of North Carolina and to help our players develop and grow as student-athletes. Our players will gain national exposure through the high profile events we participate in.


Tournament and Travel Frees will be determined according the cost of team tournament fees along with lodging and travel expenses.

There is no obligation to commit to June activities. We encourage players to participate in One Day College Camps and high school team activities. Those that do not have conflicts are welcome to participate.

Overnight Travel Checklist… what to bring:

•    Appropriate Clothing (dress for the weather)

•    Toiletries (soap, toothpaste and brush, deodorant, lotion, comb/brush)

•    Air mattress or sleeping bag (applicable to those sharing rooms)

•    Football shoes

•    Mouth guard

•    Spending Money (meals and entertainment)

•    Proof of Event Registration/Confirmation

•    NCEPF Uniform and Apparel


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